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Belgian guitarist Tim Finoulst presents his first trio as a leader with Martijn Vanbuel on double bass and Daniel Jonkers on drums. These three musicians have already gained their stripes in the Belgian and international jazz scene, but in this line-up they find the right musical space for their individual expression. They get inspiration not only from jazz, as well from blues, folk and world music. In the melodic compositions by the hands of Tim and Martijn the story telling aspect is most prolific, hence their debut album is named ‘Narrative’, published by the label SoulFactory Records, know from the music of Tutu Puoane and Ewout Pierreux. This album was listed album of the week on the website Jazz in Belgium and got 5 stars in the magazine Jazzmozaïek. In June they released their follow-up album “Tender Machine” which features the wonderful Bert Joris.

With: Martijn Vanbuel (double bass), Daniel Jonkers (drums), Tim Finoulst (guitar) and Bert Joris (trumpet, fluegelhorn)


NICOLAS THYS SOUND CIRCUS4EA67A65-243D-4002-BDE0-965327C24513

For his quintet Sound Circus, Nic Thys surrounded himself with a mix of the younger and older generations. They play a repertoire based on the ‘Golden Age’ of Broadway musicals, music from the swing period and songs influenced by the tradition of New Orleans. Think of evergreens like ‘Stardust’, ‘When Sunny Gets Blue’ and ‘Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans’. Characteristic of this oeuvre are the festive and rhythmically stirring sounds. At the time, the music was intended for a nightlife audience to dance to and it is precisely that dance element that forms the basis of the quintet. Sound Circus stands for fun, energy, lyricism, swing and a pinch of romance. It is timeless music that warms people’s hearts and enchants their souls.

With: Sam Comerford (tenor sax, flute, clarinet), Nic Thys (electric bass), Daniel Jonkers (drums), Tim Finoulst (guitar, pedal steel, lap steel) and Lorenzo Di Maio (guitar).


An ode to phenomenal women! From Billie Holiday to Nina Simone. A spoken word concert with Tutu Puoane & Pat Donnez.

anything goesWhat do Billie Holiday or Nina Simone have in common? They are wonderful jazz vocalists, and the songs Tutu Puoane sings in ‘Anything Goes’ are all about marrow and bone.
Unforgettable women. Phenomenal women. Girl Power and Sisterhood were written in
their blood.
‘Anything Goes’ is a highly personal confession. About life and survival. From a man, radio producer and author Pat Donnez, who likes to listen to these and many other jazz women when he is down.
Does it never happen to you that you ask yourself in an unguarded moment: Is that all there is? Believe it or not, but with such a Peggy or Billie around, you survive that question.

With: Tutu Puoane (voice), Pat Donnez (spoken word), Ewout Pierreux (piano), Tim Finoulst (guitar, bass, pedal steel) and Carlo Nardozza (trumpet, fluegelhorn).

TRIO IN BOCCA LUPO 12321258_1522769758028942_7143593622967936698_n

In Bocca al Lupo means literally in the mouth of the wolf, but in Italian language it is a saying for good
luck! Success is also the key word for this new trio
with Alano Gruarin on piano, Tim Finoulst on guitar and Carlo Nardozza on trumpet. These three musicians of Genk work together to play the most beautiful Italian hits from Ennio Moricone, Totto Cotugno, Nino Rossi, Albano and Romina and many others. Their debut album is titled Nostalgia.

With: Carlo Nardozza (trumpet), Alano Gruarin (piano) and Tim Finoulst (guitar).


A fresh tribute to the American composer and alto saxophonist Charlie ‘Bird’ Parker. His genius virtuosity and harmonic complexity appeal to the imagination. Carlo Nardozza, Christophe Devisscher and Tim Finoulst bring with ‘Par Coeur’ wonderful interpretations and arrangements. 

With: Carlo Nardozza (trumpet), Christophe Devisscher (double bass), Tim Finoulst (guitar)


vliegwerk is the brand new trio of Steven Cassiers (Dans Dans, Bram Weijters’ Crazy Men, Dez Mona,…) on drums, Wout Gooris (Sam Joris, Eva De Roovere, Fien Desmet,…) on synths, Indian harmonium and throat singing and Tim Finoulst (Bert Joris, Tutu Puoane,…) on pedal steel. In this try-out, discover the unbound and layered sound of the new instrumental trio Vliewerk: Often traveling on a cinematic and dreamy trip, then again moving between pulsating jazz away from all conventions. At the heart of the group lies the pedal steel, which imbues the compositions with vast and open landscapes. The focused and concentrated energy of the drums and synths push the whole thing endlessly further. The sporadic throat singing gives the whole an almost hypnotic experience. It is clear: live, flywerk creates an immersive atmosphere, switching effortlessly between introspective moments and energetic passages.


With: Steven Cassiers (drums), Wout Gooris (synths) and Tim Finoulst (pedal steel).

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