Belgian guitarist Tim Finoulst presents his first trio as a leader with Martijn Vanbuel on double bass and Daniel Jonkers on drums. These three musicians have already gained their stripes in the Belgian and international jazz scene, but in this line-up they find the right musical space for their individual expression. They get inspiration not only from jazz, as well from blues, folk and world music. In the melodic compositions by the hands of Tim and Martijn the story telling aspect is most prolific, hence the first album is named ‘Narrative’, published by the label SoulFactory Records, know from the music of Tutu Puoane and Ewout Pierreux. This album was listed album of the week on the website Jazz in Belgium and got 5 stars in the magazine Jazzmozaïek.

With: Martijn Vanbuel (double bass), Daniel Jonkers (drums) and Tim Finoulst (guitar).






The Jelle Van Giel group, based in Belgium, is a ‘searching-for a-new-direction’ in jazz, crossing over from jazz into rock and classical music to deep African rhythms. It was founded in 2011 by Jelle who was searching for talented, exciting and driven musicians for his newest project. He wrote big and tight arrangements that take the listener on a musical adventure, still with a lot of space for every musician to express themselves and bring a story within a story, keeping it new and fresh all the time. The music is lyrical with a lot of underlying rhythmical power and cross-rhythms and has very interesting different kinds of instrumentation. The members of this septet, the future of the Belgium/European jazz scene, came together after a long time of playing in separate bands and formations in the Belgium/European jazz scene. They all blend perfectly together in this new band creating exciting music that everybody can listen to!

With: Carlo Nardozza (trumpet), Bart Borremans (tenorsax), Tom Bourgeois (altsax), Tim Finoulst (guitar), Bram Weijters (piano), Janos Bruneel (double bass) and Jelle Van Giel (drums/compositions).


TRIO IN BOCCA LUPO 12321258_1522769758028942_7143593622967936698_n

In Bocca al Lupo means literally in the mouth of the wolf, but in Italian language it is a saying for good
luck! Success is also the key word for this new trio
with Alano Gruarin on piano, Tim Finoulst on guitar and Carlo Nardozza on trumpet. These three musicians of Genk work together to play the most beautiful Italian hits from Ennio Moricone, Totto Cotugno, Nino Rossi, Albano and Romina and many others. Their debut album is titled Nostalgia.

With: Carlo Nardozza (trumpet), Alano Gruarin (piano) and Tim Finoulst (guitar).


MARJAN VAN ROMPAY GROUP1463109_10153232289664513_7127628653163843039_n

With: Marjan Van Rompay (altosax), Janos Bruneel (double bass), Toon Vandionant (drums) and Tim Finoulst (guitar).




YUAN TRIO12341081_1213598275322023_1513463806595413022_n

With: Wen-Hui Tsai (vocals), Tim Finoulst (guitar) and Martijn Vanbuel (double bass).








With: Wen-Hui Tsai (vocals), Tim Finoulst (guitar), Martijn Vanbuel (double bass), Hendrik Lasure (piano) and Matthias De Waele (drums).





Chamber Music jazz trio with original compositions, resulting from the longtime musical relationship between guitarist Tim Finoulst and saxophonist Daniël Daemen and myself.

With: Rob Vanspauwen (double bass), Daniel Daemen (sax) and Tim Finoulst (guitar).






With: Carlo Nardozza (trumpet), Nico Schepers (trumpet), Bart de Nolf (double bass), Toni Vitacolonna (drums) and Tim Finoulst (guitar).




TRITANE 12049526_10206710781781552_9170043784671426621_n

Gypsyjazz trio.

With: Dominique Nelis (guitar), Tim Finoulst (guitar) and Rob Vanspauwen (double bass).





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