Thank you!

Thanks so much to everyone who showed up at our album release in C-mine Genk! It was such a magical evening! Our next gig is on September 27 in Jazzstation Brussels. Hope to see you then!


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“Tender Machine” is a part of Jazzhalo’s Sound of Summer edition of August!

So cool that our new album “Tender Machine” is listed in the August edition of Sound of Summer by Jazzhalo: an annual series of tips for those looking for music that falls outside the summer hits category!

“ Very strong, especially due to the compositions and arrangements of the guitarist.”

 “The CD of the big breakthrough?”

Full list and review is on


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New album review of “Tender Machine”

Nice review by Dansende Beren!

“Tender Machine produced by Finoulst offers a blissful summer feel. It is a tender album, which also allows itself to be made with subtle choices (Frisell, Wheeler …) and thus leaves a very accessible and pleasant impression. Despite the apparent airiness, the Tender Machine album fully focuses on emotion (an elegant and still beautiful “Mouches Volantes”). Great album for jazz lovers, especially if they can also tolerate a portion of swing and groove.”

The full review is on

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Thank you!

Thanks to everybody who came out at our release! We felt your love! Our next concert will be at Jazz op het Plein in C-mine Genk on August 28. Hope to see you there!


photo by Tony Daenen

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“Tender Machine” is out!

I am excited to tell you that my new album “Tender Machine” is out! Order your copy in the webshop of SoulFactory Records or find it in your favorite record store. You can download a digital copy at the iTunes store, and the album is also available on various streaming services, but of course there is no better way of supporting independent music/artists than by buying a physical copy. Cheers!


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